Containers & Equipment



In Office Containers – Bagit Station and Blue Round Bottle & Can Bin

90-Gallon Toters – Our main container system for use in offices, warehouse, storage sites and outdoor use. Holds loose and bagged paper, bagged bottles and cans, and other materials.

Confidential Toters – Locked and slotted secure confidential paper toters for use mainly in offices and homes.

Gaylord Boxes  – Large box that fits on a pallet for loose paper and various other materials.



24-Foot Box Truck – Dock height truck with pallet jack for palletized, toter and baled material, and lift gate for ground level loading.

14-Foot Box Truck – Lift gate for ground level loading of toters, loose, boxed and bagged materials.

Cargo Van – Small quantity commercial and residential pickups for loose, boxed and bagged materials