Paper & Cardboard Recycling in Pennsylvania & Delaware


Looking for a paper and cardboard recycling pickup service? Recycling Express offers paper and cardboard recycling services for the greater Philadelphia region.

While the rise of computer technology over the 20th century has dramatically changed our paper usage, there never seems to be a shortage in the amount of paper we still use today.

Recycling Express offers convenient and low-cost pickup and recycling service for all grades of paper and cardboard, including mixed office paper, boxed files, obsolete forms and sales materials, printer’s waste, loose and baled corrugated cardboard, glossy paper, manila folders and envelopes.

Our service offerings also include document destruction and clean-outs of archived files, electronics, furniture, office supplies, and scrap metals. Recycling Express has collection routes servicing Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware from our field offices in Frazer, PA and Newport, DE.


Paper and cardboard recycling reduces pollution a significant amount compared to making these products from trees. Recycling Express works directly with local recycling processing centers to insure that all items we collect are recycled and marketed to paper mills for use in new paper products.

If you’re in a retail, office, or warehouse environment, you’re well aware how much paper and cardboard waste exists and could have a positive impact on your community if recycled properly.

Many offices and other businesses in the Pennsylvania and Delaware region trust Recycling Express to handle their paper and cardboard recycling needs. These typically include requests for the pickup and recycling of the following types of products:

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Mixed Office Paper
  • Boxed Files and Records
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Document Destruction

Are you interested in helping preserve the environment and recycling your paper and cardboard waste?

recycle-blue-icon“Recycling Express has been serving the needs of our 300-person office for several years. As we grew over the years, they have adjusted their services to accommodate our growing needs by increased frequency of pick-ups, providing additional recycling containers, and adding additional recycling streams.

I would particularly like to commend their efforts during a relocation of our office last year. After ten years at one location, we had a large volume of material that we did not want to move to our new location including everything from old files to rock cores.

Recycling Express provided excellent assistance in preparing our staff for the move and helping us get rid of all the things we did not want to keep. This effort required a lot of extra equipment and much higher frequency of pick-ups. All was accomplished smoothly without any issues or problems. Our thanks to Paul and his team.”

William G. Murray
Vice President, AECOM
Plymouth Meeting, PA

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